Diondray’s Discovery

A hero’s journey starts with a single step. For some, that step starts on a broken foundation.

So it was with Diondray Azur. His adventure began when he learned that all he had known about his family—all he had known about his world—wasn’t true at all.

He swore to himself to find the truth. As he set out upon his quest, he discovered an old book. What was this dusty old tome?

His discovery turned out to be the Book of Kammbi, a book handed down by the ancients and lost to time. Inside, he read about a long-lost prophecy, which in order to be fulfilled, must be set in motion by the descendant of a great leader.

At first, he doubted the book. Stubbornly so. After all, he’d just had all he’d known about his past blow up in his face as a lie.

Yet, as challenges mount along his journey, signs begin to point to him as the only one who could fulfill those timeworn words.

He would stop at nothing to uncover the truth. What will happen, though, when he does?

Diondray’s Discovery is an adventure fantasy novel that will transport you to the world of Kammbia, a magical place in which Diondray discovers his inner hero.

If you can’t get enough of rich new worlds, breathtaking adventure, introspective characters, and subtle social commentary, then you’re ready to ride along with Diondray as he discovers his destiny.

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Diondray’s Journey

Kammbia is a nation divided. The peoples of its Northern and Southern regions have long since been ostracized from one another, with the Great Forest that divides them standing as a monument to their segregation. Only an ancient prophecy, the last act of one of the greatest men in Kammbia’s history, offers any hope that one day the country can be reunited.

Diondray Azur has abandoned his home, his family and everything he knows to discover his destiny. Having left a life of privilege behind him, he must interpret an ancient book, the Book of Kammbi, so that the differences between the people of the two nations can forever be put aside.

As he travels through Northern Kammbia, he learns of several different interpretations of the Book, each of which people follow so rigidly that they are unable to see others’ viewpoints.

Can Diondray convince the people of Northern Kammbia to abandon their ancient prejudices to reconcile with their southern brothers?

And can he trust his five traveling companions as tensions among them reveal more about their motives for joining him on his quest?

Diondray’s Journey is the second book in Marion Hill’s United Kammbia Series.

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Diondray’s Roundabout

Could he be wrong?

When Diondray Azur first discovered the sacred Book of Kammbi, he struggled to believe where his destiny might be leading him.

The ancient book foretold of a descendant who would come from one of the greatest leaders in the history of Kammbia, and bring about a restoration of peace and unity between the estranged North and South regions of the nation.

Even though evidence strongly pointed to it, Diondray refused to believe that he could be the one spoken of in the prophecy. But eventually, he could no longer deny the possibility.

As Diondray begins to embrace his calling, he soon realizes that others are not so quick to believe in him either. Despite his best efforts, the religious council that governs all of Northern Kammbia, in the city of Issabella, does not believe he is the one who will fulfil the prophecy. Frustrated by their lack of understanding and refusal to see any other way but their own, Diondray leaves the city of Issabella behind.

He is then summoned to the South for a chance to prove that he is indeed the one. Hoping that the leaders of the South will be more receptive to his message, Diondray sets out once more. Traveling with only two of his original five companions, he journeys to three of the main cities in Southern Kammbia.

Upon arrival, however, he quickly learns that the cities of the South are nothing like those he encountered in the North. The people are worldly and have completely different beliefs– if at all.

Struggling with the fact that no one wants to listen to him or heed the teachings of the sacred book, Diondray begins to question his own validity. He wonders if maybe he isn’t the one meant to fulfil the prophecy after all. However, his connection to a mysterious leopard provides a pathway for Diondray to connect to the people of Southern Kammbia. However, his connection to a mysterious leopard provides a pathway for Diondray to connect to the people of Southern Kammbia.

Will Diondray succeed in his quest? Or will he be influenced by the people and culture of the Southern region and turn his back on fulfilling the prophecy all together?

There is only one way to find out.

Diondray’s Roundabout is the thrilling third installment of Marion Hill’s United Kammbia series.

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The Kammbia Series: The Omnibus Edition

It all started with a question. In Kammbia, a land halfway between magic and our wildest dreams, belief in the ancient ways grew cold. Its people grew apart. Diondray Azur wanted to know why.

A son of the most prominent family in Charlesville, Diondray learns that everything he ever knew about his roots—his world—was a lie. Determined to find the truth, he discovered an ancient book. In that book, the prophet Oscar Ortega promised that one of his descendants would unite this divided land.

Diondray wondered if that descendant might be himself. Forced to leave his native Charlesville, Diondray set out on a journey to see if indeed he was the promised one—and if so, to unite all its peoples.

That first step marks the beginning of the Kammbia series, Marion Hill’s four-volume adventure fantasy story that follows Diondray as he seeks that which his land has lost. Adventure and danger are never far away.

Now, the first two books in the series—Diondray’s Discovery and Diondray’s Journey—are available together in the Omnibus Edition. If you want a compelling read to keep you company on long winter nights, you’ve just found it.

Heart-pounding adventures and a set of characters so real they nearly come to life will join you on your journey. Discover the magic that can happen when you seek the truth. Fall in love again with your own hero’s quest. Get your Kammbia Omnibus Edition today.