Your mission: To unite a nation divided by a forest of lies.

When privilege becomes an unbearable burden.

When you must discard your privilege to bring peace.

What is a life of privilege worth if there’s no peace?

One journey to save the world.

One journey to unite the world.

When hope rests on the shoulders of only one.

When hope rests on the shoulders of only one man.

Diondray’s Journey is the second book of The Diondray’s Chronicles.

“In Diondray’s Journey, we continue Diondray’s journey through three cities. Each city has its own customs and traditions. We get the unique perspective of both Diondray—who is an outsider—and of the people who have grown up with them. It was very interesting.

We meet a lot of characters, and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up with them. I was about halfway finished with the book when I realized I wasn’t having any problems keeping up with them at all. Just like in the first book, Diondray’s Discovery, the world building is just beautiful. I also love to read a book and think about it after I’ve finished. Unity and division were big themes in this one, and I liked how they were dealt with. The division problems of one city in particular stood out to me, and I was so glad Diondray was able to help bring the people together again.”—Kurlann,Goodreads reviewer

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