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Book Review 150: Kissing The Beehive by Jonathan Carroll

Jonathan Carroll has become an author on my must read list that includes Charles de Lint, Guy Gavriel Kay, & Jorge Amado. Carroll’s brand of contemporary fantasy and surrealism is unique to the fantasy genre. I have read and reviewed four other Carroll novels: White Apples, Glass Soup, The Land of Laughs, and The Wooden Sea previously.

Kissing the Beehive is the story of best-selling author Sam Bayer.  Bayer is in a rut with his writing career and has not been able to deliver his latest novel to his publisher from which he received a huge advance. He visits his hometown of Crane’s View, New York for inspiration.  Bayer learns of an unsolved murder case of a girl named Pauline that happened when he was a teenager.

He investigates the case with the help of a childhood friend, Frannie McCabe, the town’s police chief. As Sam delves deeper into the cold case, Pauline’s murderer reappears and endangers everyone close to him. Also, Bayer begins a new relationship with a fan named Veronica Lake.  Lake claims to be his biggest fan and as the relationship deepens Sam learns the details about Veronica’s past connecting her to the murder.

Carroll resolves the story well enough, but I wanted more from the novel.  Kissing The Beehive read like not having enough of a well-cooked meal you expected for awhile. There was more story left to be written in Kissing The Beehive.  Even though, it is the first book of a trilogy; the novel was a complete story. Kissing the Beehive is my least favorite Jonathan Carroll novel I have reviewed.  Recommended for Jonathan Carroll fans but newcomers should read The Wooden Sea or The Land of Laughs as a better representation of his unique stories.


Book Review 146: Green Lantern Mosaic #1 by Gerard Jones and Cully Hamner

A reader asked what influenced my fictional world of Kammbia by email a few days ago. I thought about this question since that email and I had always believed my direct influences were Charles de Lint’s novels about Newford, Canada and Jorge Amado’s novels about Bahia, Brazil.  I’ve had read both authors throughout my adult… Continue Reading

Book Review 145: Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday

It has always fascinated me on what makes art sells over the long term.  Whether Star Wars from Film, Harry Potter from Books, Michael Jackson’s Thriller from Music, or Seinfeld from TV, it’s been interesting to see what makes the public connect with certain artistic works over the years. I have read plenty of internet… Continue Reading

Book Review 142: The Girl on Paper by Guillaume Musso

I will admit that I’m a reader for story more than anything else.  Beautiful wordplay and language is nice and interesting.  I can appreciate technical craftsmanship.  It doesn’t mean I won’t read challenging or difficult novels. But it must have a story at its core regardless of genre. Story is my reading love language and… Continue Reading