Welcome to Kammbia.

Escape from your frazzled days.

Enter the world of Kammbia. A world divided. A world of vivid color and fantastical sights and sounds.

A realm where imagination draws you inside. A world where myth and legend intertwine effortlessly with a stark reality that draws strong parallels with our own society of today of imagination and spirituality.

Now, thanks to author Marion Hill—the creative mind behind the Kammbia novels—you too can immerse yourself in Kammbian life.

Begin your journey into Kammbia below:

Book 1: Diondray’s Discovery

A hero’s journey starts with a single step—but what if that step rested on a broken foundation?
When all you know about your world crumbles into ashes.
When truth rests on a broken foundation.
When what you believe to be true lies on a broken foundation.
A book, a broken faith, a promise of hope.
Never open a book without knowing what lies between its covers.
When what you knew to be truth crumbles in the face of reality.
When your heritage leads you to doubt all you’ve known.

Diondray’s Discovery is the first book of The Diondray’s Chronicles.

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Book 2: Diondray’s Journey

Your mission: To unite a nation divided by a forest of lies.
When privilege becomes an unbearable burden.
When you must discard your privilege to bring peace.
What is a life of privilege worth if there’s no peace?
One journey to save the world.
One journey to unite the world.
When hope rests on the shoulders of only one.
When hope rests on the shoulders of only one man.

Diondray’s Journey is the second book of The Diondray’s Chronicles.



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Book 3: Diondray’s Roundabout

Could he be the one foretold?
Faith and doubt wrestle to save the world.
Could his doubt stand in the way of his nation’s unity?
His doubt may prove the undoing of his world.
When you wrestle with destiny, who wins?
In a struggle with doubt could rest the destiny of a nation.
Within the struggle between doubt and faith rested the nation’s destiny.
Must one embrace one’s destiny to effect change?
The answer to one question could change the fortunes of a nation.

Diondray’s Roundabout is the thrilling third and final book of The Diondray’s Chronicles.

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Ciscoe’s Dance

Another adventure set in the fictional world of Kammbia has just arrived, fresh from the imagination of popular author Marion Hill. The first in his Dance & Listen series, Ciscoe’s Dance celebrates the symbiotic connection between music and dance.

So embedded in the Kammbian culture was this connection that the city of Walter’s Grove sprang up around the people’s love of Guanamamma music and the dances it inspired. However, that connection is about to come to a grinding halt.

The husband-and-wife Guanamamma dance team of Ciscoe and Latisha Maldonado have made their living performing the traditional dances in the finest nightclubs in Walter’s Grove for the entire span of their 16-year marriage. Still as in love as the day they said, “I do,” the couple was the toast of the Roxie & Penelope District—and the featured act at the city’s major festival.

This year, though, a new fad arrived hot on the scene—Piccanta music. Its ultra-modern sound and dancing style swept throughout the city’s clubs, leaving all the Guanamamma dancers and musicians with fewer and fewer gigs to play.

Then, a woman from Ciscoe’s past arrives on the scene, bitter from her long-ago rejection. Will this woman throw a wrench into this couple’s happy marriage? Will Ciscoe and Latisha once again dance to their beloved Guanamamma music as two hearts beating as one?

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