A hero’s journey starts with a single step—but what if that step rested on a broken foundation?

When all you know about your world crumbles into ashes.

When truth rests on a broken foundation.

When what you believe to be true lies on a broken foundation.

A book, a broken faith, a promise of hope.

Never open a book without knowing what lies between its covers.

When what you knew to be truth crumbles in the face of reality.

When your heritage leads you to doubt all you’ve known.

Diondray’s Discovery is the first book of The Diondray’s Chronicles that will transport you to the world of Kammbia, an imaginative and colorful world in which Diondray discovers his inner hero.

If you can’t get enough of rich new worlds, breathtaking adventure, introspective characters, and subtle social commentary, then you’re ready to ride along with Diondray as he discovers his destiny.

“To describe novelist Marion Hill’s first novel in a superlative, the word ambitious strikes the first and last chord. Not satisfied with simply telling a story, he creates his own world and language, and this boldness and audacity often hit the mark. His idealistic surrogate, Diondray Azur, is on a quest; not of his own choosing, but his skepticism and curiosity lead him on a path to his destiny—to ultimately unite a people. Hill is at once an artist, employing a broad lexicon to include words such as themily, and a land where his characters commit acts of passha for which one might ask forgiveness—but it is not forgiveness one necessarily craves or is granted. He paints lush landscapes, and had one not been familiar with Wakanda at the very least, Hill is prescient. Moreover, Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings comes to mind in this other world Hill has created, his own Middle Earth with less pretense.”–Carey, Goodreads reviewer

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