Wisdom From Kammbia Book Review 142: Ghosts (New York Trilogy #2) by Paul Auster

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Ghosts is the second novel in Paul Auster’s innovative New York Trilogy. As a tribute, I’ve decided to revisit his most celebrated work and share my impressions after three decades later after since my initial reading.

Blue, a private detective, has been commissioned by White to gather information on Black. In the story, the character’s names are all colors, adding a unique and vibrant element to the narrative. While observing Black’s daily routine, Blue realizes the fact that the observer is also being observed. With his life disintegrating before his eyes, he grapples with an existential crisis he never expected. Or he did?

Auster continues his examination into identity and reality through the looking glass of detective fiction in Ghosts. The novel, spanning a mere 74 pages, unfolds with no scene or chapter breaks. Auster’s lucid prose helps soften the claustrophobic atmosphere intended to be conveyed while reading.

I enjoyed this second novel of the trilogy more than City of Glass.


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