Story is King #4: What Trilogy Would You Read If You Were Given An Uninterrupted 3 Day Weekend?

The Holiday Season is upon us. People are shopping for the holidays, planning trips to see relatives, or getting in their last minute vacations before the year ends.  I have a question that came to mind.

If you were given an uninterrupted three day weekend to read a trilogy what you would read? 

A free seventy-two hours of no interruptions.  It could be at home or on the beach or in another country.  But there are no cellphones.  No internet.  No interruptions from spouses, significant others, kids, work or anything else.  Just a free Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to read a trilogy. You can have a house full of your favorite foods if you prefer reading at home. Or you can have dinners deliver to your hotel room if you are on vacation.   The only stipulation is that you have to read the entire trilogy, one book each day until you are finished.

I thought about trilogies I have already read as an answer for this question.  Kim Stanley Robinson’s Three Californias and Red Mars Trilogies came up if I wanted to read science fiction.  The Lord of Rings trilogy came up as an option for fantasy.  Richard Ford’s Bascombe novels and Cormac McCarthy’s Border Trilogy came up for literary fiction.  However, I have read all those trilogies (except the Lord of Rings trilogy) and will answer this question by reading something new for an uninterrupted weekend.

The Fitz and the Fool Trilogy by Robin Hobb is my choice for this question. I want to read novels that engage my imagination and let me escape to a world I have never been before.  Robin Hobb’s novels have come to my attention over the years and she has a great reputation as a fantasy novelist that writes intelligent, character-oriented fantasy novels. I recently bought a copy of the first book in the trilogy, Fool’s Assassin and I would like to spend an uninterrupted weekend with this trilogy.

What trilogy would you read in this scenario?


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