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Marion’s Favorites: Maysa Leak

I first heard Maysa Leak on my favorite band, Incognito’s 1993 album, Positivity.  The song called Deep Waters speaks about loving someone that she should stay away from but was being pulled deeper into his orbit.  There have been many songs throughout music covering that aspect of love.  However, Maysa’s voice glides over the music and sounds so relaxed and smooth that I instantly became a fan.

There is no histrionics or exaggerated singing with Maysa.  Her voice draws you in and makes you listen to what she is singing about.  Those are my favorite kinds of singers.  They can tell a story with the lyrics and take me on a journey throughout the course of the song.

Maysa Leak is known throughout the music industry for her long association with the aforementioned Incognito. However, she has recorded thirteen solo albums over the course of her three decades as a professional musician.  Of course, I will always first recommend the Incognito songs where is she featured as the lead vocal.  Pieces of a Dream, Come Away With Me, Will I Ever Learn, Fences & Barriers, When Tomorrow Brings You Down, and When Words Are Just Words from various Incognito albums to name a few.  Amongst her solo albums, I will recommend Friendly Pressure, Out of the Blue, Can We Change The World, Hypnotic Love and Motions of Love as well.

The music industry is fickle with the popularity of female singers.  However, when I listen to a true talent like Maysa Leak for about twenty-five years, then you have to wonder why she has not received more recognition.  I know those things are out of her control.  All she can do is continue to produce quality music and have her devoted fans speak or write about her talent.

Maysa Leak is on the short list of my favorite all-time singers that include Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder, Van Morrison, Sting, Ibrahim Ferrer of the Buena Vista Social Club, Sade, Anita Baker, & Lalah Hathaway.  I hope more music lovers discover this incredible talent that has been creating excellent music for quite some time.


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Music Review 2: Bill Withers

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Music Review I:Sade

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