Chaka Khan’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert

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Now and then, an artist (be it a musician, painter, or writer) can inject a much-needed burst of joy into your everyday life. Here for today (July 10th), Chaka Khan gave me that shot of much needed joy. Note, I did not write a dose of happiness. I wrote joy. There is a difference.

I watched her performance at the NPR Tiny Desk Concert Series earlier today. I spent nearly 35 minutes grooving to six of her top hits, bobbing my head, tapping my feet, and waving my arms. From the moment she began with Tell Me Something Good, a song penned by Stevie Wonder, Chaka held the NPR Studio Audience captive. She concluded her performance with I’m Every Woman, showcasing her remarkable vocal range that, even at 71, still possesses both power and texture. Also, she looked fantastic!

Chaka’s genuine surprise was evident as the audience united to sing along with her on “Sweet Thing,” the 1974 soul-funk hit with Rufus. The audience knew the words and Chaka led through them through the entire song. The Chaka Khan song I love the most is Through The Fire, which was a hit in 1984 from her album I Feel For You. While it has a distinct soul-pop sound from the mid-1980s, the lyrics in that song resonate with anyone who has ever loved deeply.

Chaka’s artistry as the queen of funk music is being showcased in this concert, serving as a powerful reminder of her influence. Despite the craziness of our world, you can always find sources of joy when you truly need it. Thank You Chaka!


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