Wisdom of Kammbia 3.22: Who Is The Best Novelist? (March Madness Style Pt. 4-Sweet 16 Match-ups)

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In my last couple of posts, I revealed the authors who made the Sixty-Four Novelists March Madness Bracket Style Tournament to determine who is the best novelist or most beloved novelist in North America.

We had thirty-two novelists in the Stephen King Bracket covering pop & genre fiction and thirty-two novelists in the Cormac McCarthy Bracket covering literary fiction.

The votes are in and here are the results for the Cormac McCarthy Bracket:

1 seed Cormac McCarthy vs 32 seed David Guterson (McCarthy wins 83% to 17% over Guterson)

2 seed Philip Roth vs 31 seed Walker Percy (Roth wins in an unanimous decision over Percy

3 seed Toni Morrison vs 30 seed Sandra Cisneros (Morrison wins 80% to 20% over Cisneros)

4 seed Don DeLillo vs 29 seed Paul Auster  (DeLillo wins 60% to 40% over Auster)

5 seed Thomas Pynchon vs 28 seed Gene Wolfe (Pynchon wins in an unanimous decision over Wolfe)

6 seed John Updike vs 27 seed Russell Banks  (Banks wins 66% to 34% over Updike in the biggest upset of this bracket)

7 seed Joyce Carol Oates vs 26 Donna Tartt  (Tartt wins in an upset 60% to 40% over Oates)

8 seed Richard Ford vs 25 seed Athol Dickson  (Ford wins in an unanimous decision over Dickson)

9 seed Gabriel Garcia Marquez vs 24 seed Isabel Allende (Garcia Marquez wins 66% to 34% over Allende)

10 seed Mark Helprin vs 23 seed John Irving (Irving wins in an upset 66% to 34% over Helprin)

11 seed Louise Erdrich vs 22 seed Michael Chabon (Chabon wins 80% to 20% over Erdrich in the 2nd biggest upset of this bracket)

12 seed Jane Smiley vs 21 seed T.C. Boyle (Boyle wins in an upset 66% to 34% over Smiley)

13 seed Margaret Atwood vs 20 seed Alice Walker (Atwood wins 86% to 14% over Walker)

14 seed Wallace Stegner vs 19 seed Jim Harrison (Stegner wins 66% to 34 over Harrison)

15 seed Anne Tyler vs 18 seed Flannery O’Connor  (O’Connor wins in an upset 75% to 25% over Tyler)

16 seed Harper Lee vs 17 seed Ralph Ellison (Lee wins 86% to 14% over Ellison)

Here are the Sweet 16 Match-ups: (Vote for the author you want to win the match-up)

1 seed Cormac McCarthy vs 27 seed Russell Banks

2 seed Philip Roth vs 26 seed Donna Tartt

3 seed Toni Morrison vs 23 seed John Irving

4 seed Don DeLillo vs 22 seed Michael Chabon

5 seed Thomas Pynchon vs 21 seed T.C. Boyle

8 seed Richard Ford vs 18 seed Flannery O’Connor

9 seed Gabriel Garcia Marquez vs 16 seed Harper Lee

13 seed Margaret Atwood vs 14 seed Wallace Stegner

Vote often and thanks for your participation!


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