Wisdom of Kammbia 3.21: Who Is The Best Novelist? (March Madness Style Pt.3-Sweet 16)

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In my last couple of posts, I revealed the authors who made the Sixty-Four Novelists March Madness Bracket Style Tournament to determine who is the best novelist or most beloved novelist in North America.

We had thirty-two novelists in the Stephen King Bracket covering pop & genre fiction and thirty-two novelists in the Cormac McCarthy Bracket covering literary fiction.

The votes are in and here are the results for the Stephen King Bracket:

1 seed Stephen King vs 32 seed Terry Brooks  (King wins 91% to 9% over Brooks)

2 seed John Grisham vs 31 seed Lillian Jackson Braun   (Grisham wins in an unanimous decision over Jackson Braun)

3 seed Dean Koontz vs 30 seed John Saul  (Koontz wins 86% to 14% over Saul)

4 seed Mary Higgins Clark vs 29 seed Tony Hillerman  (Hillerman wins 83% to 17% Higgins Clark in the bracket’s biggest upset)

5 seed Ray Bradbury vs 28 seed William Gibson (Bradbury wins 56% to 44% over Gibson)

6 seed Tom Clancy vs 27 seed Terry McMillian (Clancy wins in an unanimous decision over McMillian)

7 seed Anne Rice vs 26 seed Francine Rivers  (Rice wins in an unanimous  decision over Rivers)

8 seed Nora Roberts vs 25 seed Frank Peretti  (Roberts wins 67% to 33% over Peretti)

9 seed Nicholas Sparks vs 24 seed Sidney Sheldon  (Sheldon wins 60% to 40% over Sparks)

10 seed Sue Grafton vs 23 seed Elmore Leonard  (Leonard wins 67% to 33% over Grafton)

11 seed Robert Heinlein vs 22 seed Ursula Le Guin  (Heinlein wins 70% to 30% over Le Guin)

12 seed James Patterson vs 21 seed Anne McCaffrey (McCaffrey wins 78% to 22% over Patterson)

13 seed Robert Jordan vs 20 seed Michael Connelly  (Connelly wins 75% to 25% over Jordan)

14 seed Danielle Steel vs 19 seed Richard Paul Evans   (Evans wins 75% to 25% over Steel)

15 seed Jan Karon vs 18 seed Karen Kingsbury   (Karon wins 75% to 25% over Kingsbury)

16 seed Gillian Flynn vs 18 seed Dennis Lehane  (Lehane wins in an unanimous decision over Flynn)

We have reached the Sweet 16 phase of the tournament.  Vote for the author you want to win the match-up:

1 seed Stephen King vs 29 seed Tony Hillerman

2 seed John Grisham vs 24 seed Sidney Sheldon

3 seed Dean Koontz vs 23 seed Elmore Leonard

5 seed Ray Bradbury vs 21 seed Anne McCaffrey

6 seed Tom Clancy vs 20 seed Michael Connelly

7 seed Anne Rice vs 19 seed Richard Paul Evans

8 seed Nora Roberts vs 18 seed Dennis Lehane

11 seed Robert Heinlein vs 15 Jan Karon

I will reveal the Sweet 16 results on my next post and pick the match-ups for the Elite 8.  Vote often!


  1. Ricky Molina-Victorio

    Stephen King beats Tony
    John Grisham beats Sidney
    Elmore Leonard beats Dean Koontz
    Ray Bradbury beats Anne McCaffrey
    Tom Clancy beats Michael Connelly
    Richard Paul Evans beats Anne Rice
    Nora Roberts beats Dennis Lehane
    Jan Karon beats Robert Heinlein

    • kammbia1

      Thanks for voting, Ricky!


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