Wisdom of Kammbia 3.20: Who Is The Best Novelist? (March Madness Style Pt. 2)

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Who is the best novelist?

Who is the most beloved novelist?

Well in my last post, I attempted to get those questions answered by doing a NCAA March Madness Bracket Style for the best novelists in North America.

I got a great response to my last post and I want to thank everyone who has voted and provided comments about the bracket.  I was glad to see that serious readers can have a little fun.

I released the Stephen King Bracket of 32 novelists covering genre & pop fiction in the last post.  Now, it’s time to release the Cormac McCarthy Bracket covering Literary Fiction.

Here are the match-ups: (please vote for the author you want to win the match-up)

1 seed Cormac McCarthy vs 32 seed David Guterson

2 seed Philip Roth vs 31 seed Walker Percy

3 seed Toni Morrison vs 30 seed Sandra Cisneros

4 seed Don DeLillo vs 29 seed Paul Auster

5 seed Thomas Pynchon vs 28 seed Gene Wolfe

6 seed John Updike vs 27 seed Russell Banks

7 seed Joyce Carol Oates vs 26 Donna Tartt

8 seed Richard Ford vs 25 seed Athol Dickson

9 seed Gabriel Garcia Marquez vs 24 seed Isabel Allende

10 seed Mark Helprin vs 23 seed John Irving

11 seed Louise Erdrich vs 22 seed Michael Chabon

12 seed Jane Smiley vs 21 seed T.C. Boyle

13 seed Margaret Atwood vs 20 seed Alice Walker

14 seed Wallace Stegner vs 19 seed Jim Harrison

15 seed Anne Tyler vs 18 seed Flannery O’Connor

16 seed Harper Lee vs 17 seed Ralph Ellison

Let’s have some fun and vote often!!


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