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Do You Re-Read?

I have a question. Do you re-read? I will admit that I do not re-read much. The last book I re-read was Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler.  I did gain a lot of insight re-reading that powerful novel the second time around. I would like to think as a reader that I would… Continue Reading

Wisdom From Kammbia 4.6: Diversity Reading Challenge

As January ends and we head into February, I was issued a reading challenge.  For African-American History Month, I must read and review one novel from an African-American Male author and one novel from an African-American Female author.  I have chosen for my male author, Steven Barnes’ Lion’s Blood, an interesting alternate history novel that… Continue Reading

Quotes 84

“Your To Be Read list is not finite. It will always grow.  Just enjoy the things that you want to read and don’t obsess with trying to read everything on that list.” Continue Reading

Quotes 83

“I’d like people to enjoy reading them. A readable novel is a gift to humanity. It provides an innocent occupation. Any novel takes people away from their troubles and the television set; it may even stir them to reflect about human life, characters, morals. So I would like people to be able to read the… Continue Reading

Wisdom of Kammbia 3.30: The Importance of the Writer-Reader Relationship

I believe this quote should make writers realize the importance of the writer-reader relationship and that we don’t disrespect that connection. “What disrespect we writers have for the people who read our work. Our readers don’t expect perfection every time we publish a book. They expect a good read, something to take them from their… Continue Reading

Quotes 80

“Reading is a collaboration between the writer and reader.  Both parties must keep that in mind when dealing with a work of fiction.” {Guy Gavriel Kay} Continue Reading