It’s Not Snobbish or Old-Fashioned If You Still Prefer Reading A Book!

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I have a confession to make.

I still prefer reading a physical book over an eBook or audiobook. Whew…I got it off my chest!

It seems these days (in our social media age) that if you only read paperbacks or hardcover books, you are outdated like the 8-Track or Cassette Tapes.  Reading on an eReading device (Kindle or Kobo) a reading app on your smartphone, or listening to an audiobook is the way most readers these days prefer to read.

I do not.  I have a Kindle Paperwhite.  My wife bought it for me as Christmas gift a few years ago.  And I have read quite a few books on it.  It’s fine…but not the same as holding a trade paperback or hardcover in my hands.  For example, I’m currently reading Children of Earth and Sky by Guy Gavriel Kay.  It is a beautiful-looking cover and holding the trade paperback in my hands just brings a good feeling to mind and I love that experience.

Also, I like that reading a book is one of few things left that I don’t have to stare a screen. Whether it’s a laptop, desktop (at work) smartphone, or eReading device…we are staring at a screen all the time.  My eyes (I wear glasses) need a break from the screen and reading a physical book meets that need.

I have a second confession to make.

I have never listened to an audiobook for fiction and do not plan too. I know audiobooks have expanded tremendously in the past decade.  And with podcasts becoming a part of the mainstream listening to audiobooks should be the natural progression. I love podcasts but I have no desire to listen to audiobooks.  For me, reading is still a physical and imaginative experience.  I get both elements with an actual book not an eBook or Audiobook.  I just made a lot of people mad with my love of physical books. Again, I have nothing against those other forms of reading. I just love the But the physical book is the only form I need for reading.    And that does not make old fashioned or snobbish.  Just give me a paperback or hardcover and I’m good to go!!!


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