Quotes 84

"Your To Be Read list is not finite. It will always grow.  Just enjoy the things that you want to read and don’t obsess with trying to read everything on that list."

Quotes 83

“I’d like people to enjoy reading them. A readable novel is a gift to humanity. It provides an innocent occupation. Any novel takes people away from their troubles and the television set; it may even stir them to reflect about human life, characters, morals. So I...

Quotes 82

“A novel without a story must work very hard in other ways to be worth reading, and indeed to be read. Some of today’s antistory novels are too deliberately arcane. I think story is essential to the survival of the novel. A novel may be “difficult” but its story can...

Quotes 81

"Having success or achieving a goal is just as much (or even more) of a friendship filter than failure or falling short of one's goal. The old adage that failure or tough times reveals who are your real friends is still true. However, I would add that success and...

Quotes 80

"Reading is a collaboration between the writer and reader.  Both parties must keep that in mind when dealing with a work of fiction." {Guy Gavriel Kay}

Quotes 79

"Even a good person doesn't want to read a novel about good people."   (Issac Bashevis Singer) That's an interesting quote.  It is really true?

Quotes 78

"Fiction is not Darwinian. Fiction is Creationist. When we make worlds, we become gods. And gods are responsible for the things they create, particularly when they create them in their own image." (Laura Hudson)

Quotes 77

"Many modern artists, it seems to me, have forgotten the value that art has in itself. Much modern art is far too intellectual to be great art. Many modern artists seem not to see the distinction between man and non-man, and it is a part of the lostness of modern man...

Quotes 76

There is a common saying that goes like this, "If I knew then what I know now, my life would have been so much easier or better." Well, I believe that cheats of fullness and duration of life. If you learned everything by 29, why get older? Somehow, we have to come to...

Marion Hill