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Marion’s Favorites: Salt N Pepa Movie

I’m an old school rap fan.  Big Daddy Kane and Rakim are my favorite rappers of all time.  LL Cool J, Run DMC, Gangstarr, Sir Mix-A-Lot & Heavy D are still in my regular rotation on my iPad.  But my favorite rap group of all time is Salt N Pepa.  I will admit a big reason for that is Cheryl ‘Salt’ James was my first celebrity crush.  Also, Salt N Pepa was the first music concert I attended at 15 year old in my hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida.  There is definitely a nostalgic vibe going on here.

I watched the Lifetime Bio Pic of Salt N Pepa this evening.  I have to admit it was decent.  The movie covered their start in mid 1980s until their reunion at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors in 2005.  Salt N Pepa burst onto the scene with their dis record call The Showstopper where they called out Doug E. Fresh who was huge at the time.  Their biggest hit, Push It, was a major part of the movie and their other hits, Shoop, Let’s Talk About Sex, & Whatta Man were featured as well.

The movie showed their relationship troubles and the shadiness of the music business.  Salt N Pepa were the groundbreaking female rap group of their time and their influence is seen throughout the musical genre.  Also, I found out some elements of why they broke up and how Salt N Pepa’s relationship was strained for quite some time.

If you are an old school rap fan, then I will recommend you watch the Salt N Pepa movie.  It was a trip down memory lane I enjoyed quite a bit and their music has left an indelible mark on hip-hop.  They are still my favorite rap group of all time and I’m happy to see them get their just due.

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