Marion’s Favorite Things II

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I’ve been reading a lot of top 10 lists lately and I decided I want to do one of my own.

My other major hobby besides reading and writing….is listening to music.

So I was thinking of the Top 10 Songs that I have listened to the most of my life.

Here we go:

1) Did We Really Ever Try: Incognito (Incognito is my favorite groups and I could have chosen several songs of theirs…but this is the one I’ve listened to the most over the years.)

2) As It Is: Pat Metheny Group (Pat Metheny Group is also one of my favorite groups and several of their songs I could have chosen as well. But this is the one for me.)

3) The Lovers: Alexander O’Neal (Alexander O’Neal is my favorite R & B singer of all time.  The Hearsay album is a classic and I have worn this song out over the years.

4) Hang  to Your Love: Sade (Sade…wow!  Nuff said!)

5) My Life: Mary J. Blige I must admit I’m not a huge Mary J. Blige fan.  But she gets deep on this song and I have listen to it a lot over the years.

6) Consider Me Gone: Sting  I always Sting and the Police and this is song on his Dream of the Blue Turtles CD is the one I have listened to the most.

7) Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You): Stevie Wonder  This is my favorite Stevie Wonder song.  It’s a beautiful song.  Stevie is incredible!

8) It Never Rains in Southern California: Tony Toni Tone  One of my favorite bands as well.  I love listening to this song.  Simple and elegant.

9) Hotel California: The Eagles  A surprise!  I’m not a huge Eagles fan…but this is a great song.  I played it several times last week going to work.

10) Cantaloupe Island: Herbie Hancock:  I love jazz and this is a great song to listen to.

Honorable Mention: Friend of God: Israel and the New Breed.  My favorite worship song.

There’s my list….what about yours!


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