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Well last week…..I wrote my overrated list.  Now for this week’s blog post, I will write my underrated list.

Some of you disagree with my overrated list (Especially about having cheese on a burger!). Hopefully my underrated list is a little more agreeable for everyone’s taste.

Here we go:

1) Silence: We live in a noisy culture.  Cars driving on the highway, airplanes flying above us, computers typing, video games playing, televisions blasting, and cell phones dialing and even thoughts racing in our minds.  It seems like noise is everywhere.

Well, I believe silence is so underrated. Try going for a day or a few days without anything on.  Most of us can’t do it.  We must have something on at home even when we are getting dress for work.

However, silence is golden.

2) An Affectionate Pat from Husband, Wife, or Significant Other: We live such fast-pace and hectic lives in our culture and our relationships can be stressful as we try relate and live with one another. I believe a stress reliever in a marriage or relationship is the affectionate pat.  It can be tension buster at the right time and I believe is something that both men and women truly appreciate if even they don’t mention it in a everyday conversation.

I have read some columns over the years from couples who were married a long time and recently lost a husband or wife to death.  One of the things that the surviving spouse mentioned what they missed about their partner…was the affectionate pat.

That pat represented a playfulness, comfort, desire (of course) and for some took the edge off after an argument or intense fellowship.

Who knew that a pat could have that kind of effect?

3) Writing Letters: I know we live in a world of emailing, texting, and instant messaging.  But, writing a letter is so underrated.  Unfortunately, letter-writing has become outdated.

You can express so much more in letter-writing than in the other forms for modern communication I mentioned earlier.

And I know women still like receiving a letter from their friends or husband or boyfriend as well.

4) Pies: We have a birthday cake.  We have a wedding cake. We even have a graduation cake.  There is even a television show called Ace of Cakes on the Food Network.

But what about pies?

I will admit I love pies more than a cake.

There is nothing like having a slice of homemade apple or cherry pie that’s pipin hot with my favorite ice cream.

Why can’t we have a birthday pie or a wedding pie or even a graduation pie?

5) Listening: Everyone wants to talk in our society.  Politicians, Talk-Show Hosts, Celebrities, Business Leaders and so on.

Didn’t God give us 2 ears and 1 Mouth?

What ever happened to listening?

I know we have been told to communicate our feelings, frustrations, injustices, desires, and rights.  As a result, we talk at each other and to not each other.  And we don’t listen to each other unless we agree with your ideology or viewpoint.

Listening is definitely underrated.

Well, there is my underrated list.  What’s yours?


  1. A.

    I must concur – I believe the art of writing letters has been lost in our high tech culture. As a woman I love and much prefer to read something my husband actually penned himself. It’s more authentic and genuine I believe. I read a study recently which indicated that kids don’t even know how to handwrite in cursive anymore due to the need to actually write being less & less. The study also noted that teens and 20 somethings have lower attention spans now due to texting, internet, IPODs, FB, etc.
    And I agree that pie is def underrated. I love pie and incidently, a great girlfriend of mine hates cakes, so we get her a pie every yr for her birthday! 😉

    • kammbia1

      Agnes, thanks for the comment.

      I knew that letter-writing from a husband or a boyfriend really affects women. It is more personal and sincere than an email or text.

      I didn’t know about kids in school not being able to write in cursive handwriting. Wow….I had to practice cursive a lot in elementary school.

      My how times have change.

  2. Demecca

    You write well Marion…anywho, love the list.

    I love silence as well, and I enjoy it often! I think however I enjoy it, but not intentionally seek it out, just kinda happens and after an hour or so I realize it’s been totally silent. One ideal silent moment for me is to go to the pool in the morning, when the sun is shinning and the sky is blue. No one is at the pool but me, and I float on the water looking up at the sky….it’s simply amazing!

    Totally agree with #2. And I do like to receive letters….something I may love more though is a heartfelt card w/ a personal note. Not really feeling you on the pies….I really like my cake! LOL

    Finally #5, we do need to listen more. And listen more from the heart. We all would probably fight less, misunderstand less, if we listened from the heart more.

    Hope this wasn’t to cheesy. LOL 🙂

    • kammbia1

      Thanks for the comments, Demecca!


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