Wisdom of Kammbia Column 3.25: That’s Overrated!

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I’ve decided to reblog this post from a couple of years ago.

I will list my most overrated things in society.

You may agree or disagree with my list, that’s fine. But I want all readers to participate by commenting on my list (agree or disagreeing with it.

First of all, I would like to define what overrated means to me. Overrated isn’t things or experiences I either like or dislike, but they are overhyped or blown out of proportion in their significance to society or as a life’s experience.

Here we go:

1) Cheese on a Burger: I know most of you will disagree with this one right off the bat. However, I believe that cheese on a burger is so overrated. I want to taste the meat on my burger. How it’s cooked (either medium-well or well-done) and cheese gets in the way. I do like having toppings on my burger but they should compliment the meat not overtake it.  Unfortunately, cheese does not compliment a burger.

2) Men’s Suits: I believe men’s suits are overrated. You can dress nicely in a dress shirt and a pair of slacks just as or better than wearing a suit. I believe suits on a man makes him lose his individuality and sense of style. I don’t want to dress to impress. I want to dress to be comfortable.

3) Fast Food Drive-Up Windows: I can go inside a fast food restaurant and get my food just as fast than if I went through the drive-up window. I know the drive-up window is supposed to be for convenience…but it really isn’t.

4) Automated Phone Service: Everytime I call to pay a bill or check my bank account, I end up spending more on the phone with the automated service than I do whenever I talk to an actual person. I know companies save money on labor by having an automated service, but what about human interaction?

5) Self-Help Books: Does it really take 10 Steps to become a better you?  I thought that is a life-long process.  Plus, do we ever really change ourselves without God? Hmm.   I believe these books play on people’s fears, doubts, and insecurities and only deal with the symptoms of our behaviors but never real stuff of being human.

6) Weddings: Sorry, ladies.  Weddings are overrated. From the planning, to the dressing, and the rings and everything else that goes into wedding, the actual event happens so fast and it’s gone. Yes, it can be a nice memory.  However, I believe our culture focuses more on the wedding than the marriage.

7) Dallas Cowboys: Yes, Cowboys fans….America’s team!!!  They are overrated. Even though they finally won a playoff game last season their first since 1996…the Cowboys are always hyped as the most talented team in football. And Cowboys fans overhype their team more than any other fan base in sports.  They are good team but not a great team and get way too much publicity for so little substance.

8) Reality TV: Reality TV is not real….it is still fiction.  Knowing about the personal lives of the Kardashians or Snooki from Jersey Shore or the Real Housewives of New Jersey or the Bachelor/Bachelorette finding love doesn’t give us any more of glimpse into real life than a soap opera or telenovela does.  I get that people want to be entertained but don’t tell me that Reality TV is like real life.  Sorry!

That’s my overrated list!  What’s yours?



  1. Christopher D. Walborn

    1. I’m just glad my name wasn’t on the list.

    2. I agree with everything but 1. If your cheese is overbearing your burger, you ain’t got enough burger… and if you’re talking about fast food burgers, I don’t think I want to taste them. Ammoniated cow flesh soup, colored and flavored to resemble something once thought of as remotely cow-like. Yuck. A good burger consists of freshly ground beef, and lots of it. .75″ thick, please, with a 1-2mm slice of aged cheddar, .25″-.5″ thick slice of sweet onion, green leaf lettuce, .25″ thick slices of tomato, and fresh baked and lightly toasted hamburger buns. For the special sauce, I make a homemade spicy thousand-island (nothing like the crap you buy at the store). Or you can go with the traditional ketchup, mustard (brown, please, preferably with seeds), mayo.

    • kammbia1

      Christopher you’re not overrated! LOL!! I’ve actually learned a lot from your perspective. It has made me think about my own positions.

      You gave a good description of the perfect burger. I must admit I’m not a big fan of cheese.

      • Christopher D. Walborn

        I used to work with someone who hated cheese. No allergies to speak of, just didn’t like the concept of coagulated milk protein. I have always held the firm conviction that someone must have flogged her with a block of cheese, because I can think of no other reason to dislike the stuff.

        • kammbia1

          I don’t totally hate cheese…but it just gets in the way of a good-cooked burger.

          I can live with it on a pizza but that’s about it.

  2. kat heckenbach

    I can’t do cheese on burgers because I have a dairy allergy, but once you give up cheese for good you just don’t miss it.

    I’ve always felt sorry for men who have to wear suits. They look so uncomfortable.

    I don’t eat fast food.

    I hate, hate, hate automated phone service! I ALWAYS hit the button to get a person as soon as possible. If I want automated, I’ll go to the website!

    Self-help books. Most can say what they need to say in a a quarter of the space.

    I have to agree on the wedding. My husband and I decided to have a small, informal wedding so we could spend our money on an awesome honeymoon, and we’ve never regretted it!

    Don’t follow football.

    Hate reality shows.

    • kammbia1

      Thanks Kat for your comment.

      I agree about the honeymoon being the best part of the wedding. I know my wife will agree with that. LOL!!

        • kammbia1

          LOL, Christopher! Honeymoons should get more attention than the wedding.

      • Christopher D. Walborn

        I’m inclined to agree. Unfortunately I’ve never known it to happen. 😛

  3. Mike

    Ok, So a few of these things I agree with, but cheese on a burger and the Dallas Cowboys I disagree. So I think cheese on a burger actually makes the burger! It brings all the flavors together. Secondly, I know the Cowboys may have struggled these last few years but you have to keep in mind the Championships that the Cowboys have won. You have to give credit to Jerry Jones for giving the Dallas Cowboys organization the persona that they have. And one person you missed on the list is Lebron James!!!

    • kammbia1

      No cheese on a burger, Mike!! LOL!!!

      I know that the Cowboys have a rich championship tradition. But the last championship was in 1995. They haven’t won since then and they get too much publicity for being America’s Team.

      I think you may have a point about Lebron James. But, he hasn’t played with great teammates in Cleveland and now he will have that in Miami. I will wait to see how he does with the Heat before I totally call him overrated.

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. kammbia1

    Reblogged this on Kammbia1's Blog and commented:

    Love to see what people think is overrated. LOL!

  5. tessastockton

    I agree with your list, with a few minor exceptions. For instance, I’m particularly fond of the taste of blue cheese on a charbroiled burger. Even though it’s a personal preference, that’s underrated! : )

    While most self-help books seem to contain a lot of fluff, there have been a select few from which I’ve gleaned insight and encouragement. I have to admit, “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking,” conveyed to me that it’s okay to be an introvert—something I’ve struggled to accept for years, especially with the extroverted tendencies of our culture and the pressures of how our society operates. The book truly opened my eyes to the fact that God really did wire each of us differently.

    Now, may I add one to the list? How about celebrities, from actors to athletes, and even a few evangelists, who are as problematic as the next person, overpaid, and placed on godlike platforms of gold… I’d say they’re overrated.

    • kammbia1


      I agree with you about celebrites, actors, and athletes being overrated. Unfortunately, we live in a celebrity obsessed culture.


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