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Icon #5

Issue 5 picks up from where Issue 4 left off.  Icon fights Blood Syndicate, the superhuman group that protects the island near the city of Dakota.  The group believes Icon works for the Mayor and wants to cause more problems on the island.  Icon explains he is investigating what happened on the island with the Big Bang Incident.  Blood Syndicate does not believe him, and the battle is on.

Meanwhile, Rocket’s grandmother finds out she is pregnant and they have a heart-to-heart talk about this life-changing event and what it means to bring another human being into the world.  Their conversation was my favorite part of this issue, and the realism exhibited felt relatable.  It is easy to condemn a young adult for letting their passion get the best of them. But, a grandmother’s wisdom displayed compassion and honesty at the same time.

Icon’s battle with Blood Syndicate does not go as expected, and the next issue will resolve their conflict.  However, I know he will continue to find out what really happened on that island and a setback will not deter his cause.  This issue seems like a transition and part of the bigger story line that overrides the entire series. Being a superhero is not as easy as it seems, and that becomes apparent even amongst people that look like you.


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Wisdom From Kammbia Book Review 69: Silver Surfer #1 (1968) by Stan Lee & John Buscema

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