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Quotes 60

“I’m always highly irritated by people who imply that writing fiction is an escape from reality. It is a plunge into reality.” — Flannery O’Connor Continue Reading

Quotes 58

“I know, I know, all Christian artists think they value both the craft and the content. But in my experience, they often fool themselves. When it comes time to make a decision for the story or the “message,” they will go with the message every time. Why? Because they feel obligated by God to communicate… Continue Reading

Quotes 57

“I’ve found that most people who tell me that fiction is a waste of time are folks who seem to hold to a kind of sola cerebra vision of the Christian life that just doesn’t square with the Bible. The Bible doesn’t simply address man as a cognitive process but as a complex image-bearer who… Continue Reading

Quote 48

“In the history of our church, storytelling came first. Theology, doctrine, and scholarship came later. Ours is an age of electronic parables. Every movie and TV show presents a worldview, a set of beliefs that tell us who we are, where we came from, and how we’re supposed to behave in this life.” (John R.… Continue Reading

Book Review 19: The Christian Imagination edited by Leland Ryken

I wrote a review for Imagine by Steve Turner and said that book along with the Bible and a couple of others that every Christian who loves the arts and literature should have in their library. Well, I’m adding The Christian Imagination edited by Leland Ryken to that list. This book presents and argues effectively… Continue Reading

Quote 46

“All life, high and low, sordid and noble, vile and pure, is the province of art. Surely if the Bible is to be our standard we must admit that nothing lay outside the province of the inspired writers.  A Christian writer cannot be a significant writer if his vision does not include the whole of… Continue Reading