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“I know, I know, all Christian artists think they value both the craft and the content. But in my experience, they often fool themselves. When it comes time to make a decision for the story or the “message,” they will go with the message every time. Why? Because they feel obligated by God to communicate a clear “message,” or else they have wasted their time. They do not realize that the story itself, along with its style and craft, is part of the message.”

(Brian Godawa)


  1. Daniel

    C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien were both devout Christians. Their stories had plenty of magic, dragons, wizards, etc. That doesn’t make them “anti-Christian.” Their stories were about heros, and about overcoming evil. That is the essence of most great stories. God put us on this earth, will all of the disease and injustice and horror surrounding us. I don’t think he expects us to ignore that it is there. Art should be real, and confront things as they are. If they do, and it’s honest, then the message will be even stronger, and not relegated to some lonely shelf in the bookstore.

  2. kammbia1

    Daniel, I couldn’t agree with your post anymore. The story should reveal message, not preach the message through the characters.


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