Journey and Discovery: A Kammbia Omnibus Edition

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The courage to face the truth. Diondray Azur had it.

He took a gamble and looked hard into his roots. What he discovered changed him forever.

A son of privilege in the land of Kammbia, Diondray learned one day that everything he believed to be true was in fact, a lie. When he discovered an ancient prophecy that lay buried in an ancient religious text, he realized that he, in fact, might be the very one who could unite his fractured land.

Long ago, the Kammbian prophet Oscar Ortega wrote the Book of Kammbia. In it, he foretold that one of his descendants would bring peace to Kammbia’s divided peoples.

Diondray had to learn if he, in fact, could be the one. His discovery—and his journey through the magical lands—is available in a new two-book collection.

Journey and Discovery: Omnibus Edition combines the first two of Marion Hill’s adventure fantasy novels in one compelling read. It’s a great way to get introduce to the world of Kammbia.

Journey and Discovery will be released on May 13th. However, this edition has been accepted on NetGalley where you can download an advance review copy and leave a review. NetGalley is a great website to get new books and easy to sign up. Click on the link below to get your advance copy of Journey and Discovery: Omnibus Edition.


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