Will Rocket have the baby?

Will she get an abortion? 

Those are the main questions from Issue 7.  Rocket is weighing the decision to go through with the pregnancy or get an abortion. This one of the most difficult decisions that any woman has to make especially a teenager like Rocket.  Writer Dwayne McDuffie handles (for a man) it quite well and with sensitivity.

Also, Rocket begins to learn about Icon’s past as a brother from another planet.  However, she does not believe his origin story.  Icon tells her that he is over hundred thirty years old and shares more about himself than in the previous six issues.

She is still skeptical about his past but decides to ask him for a loan in order to get an abortion.  Icon reveals a story about his wife and what happened when she got pregnant.  Rocket is surprised by that story and reacts like any hot-headed teenager would.

Icon #7 is my favorite issue so far on this re-read. I don’t remember any comic book series from the early 1990s tackling a subject like abortion especially from an African American perspective.  It shows how imaginative fiction can deal with a realistic subject in a positive and life-affirming way.  Rocket does make her decision by the end of the story but she will begin to learn the ramifications of that decision going forward.


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