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Quotes 44

“Fantasy writing must be grounded in both truth and life experience if it is to work. It can be as inventive and creative as the writer can make it, a whirlwind of images and plot twists, but it cannot be built on a foundation of air. The world must be identifiable with our own, must… Continue Reading

Quotes 42

“It’s easy to give grace to people you like or friends and family.  But can we extend grace to those we don’t like or did something wrong to us, or feel they committed a major sin, or people we don’t know. That’s the real isn’t?”     Continue Reading

Quotes 40

“Expect people in our life do their best, but sometimes their best will not always scratch where you itch.” (Pastor Paul Sheppard) Continue Reading

Quotes 38

“Don’t try to persuade everybody around you about what God is doing in your life, let God deal with them in his own fashion. Just stay focused on His purpose for you and He will take care of the rest.” (Pastor Paul Sheppard) Continue Reading

Quotes 37

“Choose your company wisely, your crowd will determine your course. And don’t spend time trying to address all your haters, because if you are trying to do something for God, you will always have them.” (Pastor Paul Sheppard) Continue Reading

Quotes 35

“Dogs don’t bark at parked cars, dogs bark when you hit the accelerator. In other words, the enemy doesn’t mess with idle Christians. But once you start loving your neighbor and actually start caring for their needs (without getting something in return), then it becomes a problem.” (Max Lucado) Continue Reading

Quotes 34

“The sign of growth and maturity in the Christian life is not spiritual independence. It is spiritual interdependence.” (Pastor Paul Sheppard) Continue Reading