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“Every good book should be entertaining. A good book will be more; it must not be less. Entertainment….is like a qualifying examination. If a fiction can’t provide that, we may be excused from inquiry into its higher qualities.”  (C.S. Lewis)

“I got into this row, big, at the novel conference at Harvard, when…we had a novelist get up and speak about the responsibilities of the novelist. I was with Anthony West on the stage and I was gradually getting into hysterics…..”All right,” I said at the end of it, “If there are any of my students here I’d like them to remember that writing is fun.” That’s the reason you do it, because you enjoy it, and you read it because you enjoy it. You do it for exactly the same reason that you paint pictures or play with the kids. It’s a creative activity.”  (Frank O’Connor)


  1. Karina Fabian

    Amen to the first one. One should never forget that you can be important as well as entertaining, but if you aren’t entertaining, no one will read your important work.

    • kammbia1

      Thanks Karina! I believe us writers can take our work too seriously and forget that are stories should be entertaining.


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