Book Review 130: Warrior by K.M. Tremills

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Last year, I read the first book in a series of an introspective and thoughtful fantasy novel by an author I had made an online acquaintance through a Facebook writers group.  That first novel, Messenger, got my attention through its absorbing prose and a protagonist, Gabriella determined to stop the evil Great Prince from conquering the Great Lands.

Warrior picks up where Messenger left off.  The Great Lands have been decimated and the Great Prince is on the hunt to find Gabriella that has escaped from his grasp.  Gabriella is still struggling with her calling as the Messenger, but has to come to grips with her destiny before she is found by the Great Prince.  Also, her calling is intertwined with several people, beginning with her twin sister, Hannah, sacrificed by her parents to become the wife of the Great Prince.  Her lover, Adrian, is a wizard who will have to deal with a powerful sorceress determined to steal his heart from Gabriella. And Casmiere, her beloved horse, sworn to protect its master at all costs.

Tremills does a good job of weaving these plot threads together and bringing the story to a solid conclusion. Warrior was well-written and absorbing.  I found Gabriella as a protagonist, compelling and interesting.  But, I wanted to see the cost of Gabriella embracing her calling rather than being told about it. It was like sitting at a campfire listening to the storyteller give me every detail of the story and not leave anything for my imagination to figure out for myself.

Despite that quibble, I had a good reading experience with Warrior.  If you looking for an absorbing and unusual epic fantasy novel to add to your TBR List, then Warrior is worth recommending. Make sure you read Messenger first.


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