Book Review 102: Messenger by K.M. Tremills

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One thing, I enjoy about doing reviews is that I get to discover new authors.  Taking a chance with a new author has been one of the easiest risks that a reviewer can ever make.

I recently came across Messenger by K.M. Tremills. Tremills is an author that I have made an online acquaintance through a Facebook Writers Group. I found out about Messenger and the book’s description intrigued me.

Messenger is an interesting, mythic fantasy revolving around a young woman named Gabriella called to save a kingdom from the evil Prince.  The story follows Gabriella’s journey through the Great Lands and onto the palace where she will face the Prince.  However, Gabriella is a twin and her sister was chosen by the Prince to be his queen. Gabriella will have to embrace her calling on this journey to the palace and save her twin sister.

Tremills tells an interesting story with a small cast of characters that kept me interested.  I have to admit it took me a bit to get the narrative rhythm of the story and there was not a lot of action typical for an epic fantasy.  However, I enjoyed the understated aspects of the story and the introspective nature of the characters.  It seems the author was trying to explore the nature of a calling and how can a young woman embrace it instead of just saving the world from evil.  A calling or destiny (which is a familiar trope in fantasy) has always interested me as a reader and I liked Tremills’ perspective in the Messenger.

Messenger is worth reading and I’m looking forward to the second book of the series to find out what happens to Gabriella.  I can recommend the novel for epic fantasy readers who can appreciate introspection and interplay between the characters and will read between the lines to discover what is really happening in a story.



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