Wisdom of Marion Vol 2.1

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Well…I’ve officially crossed over about 10 days ago.

What do I mean?

I turned 40!

I enjoyed this birthday especially because I was on vacation and spent 4 days in Los Angeles.

The City of Angels…..that could be a whole Wisdom of Marion column by itself.  LOL!

But, I wanted to write about significance of this birthday.  Last year, I wrote my manifesto about the importance of birthdays.

Wisdom of Kammbia 1.8: Importance of Birthdays

That will really cover how I feel about the importance on the day you were born.

But for this column….I just want to be thankful that I’m alive, healthy with a great wife and two kids.  Sometimes in our society we don’t stop to reflect about where you came from.

It always on the next thing and onto something else and then moving on to the next adventure.

I guess when you have crossed over, you do begin to reflect.

So I publicly want to thank all the people who have crossed my path for these past 40 years.

To the city of my birth and childhood: St. Petersburg, Florida. To the cities I’ve lived in as an adult: Atlanta, Georgia, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and San Antonio, Texas currently.

I’m so grateful for all the experiences I’ve had each of those cities and I realize that they have shaped me into the man I am now.

So my wish for those who are celebrating a birthday soon or have already celebrated a birthday….please take time to reflect on your life and be thankful for everything that has made you who you are.

God bless!


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