Wisdom of Marion Vol 1.37 (What is Love? Pt.1)

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Well, the topic of love has been on my mind recently.

So I have decided to put a Wisdom of Marion perspective on probably the most fascinating topic for all of humanity.

This will be a four-part series dealing with the various aspects of love.  Hopefully, we all will learn something from it or see this eternal topic from a slightly different perspective.

I was listening to this song recently (and this will be a theme of this series) titled,  Out of Blue by Maysa.

Here are some of the lyrics:

“You were the answer to my prayers

Like a bolt of lightning

I wasn’t expecting you so soon

but Out of the Blue straight into my heart

Unselfish love is what you bring

Boy I’m so glad you’re here in my life

and everything is going to be alright.

She has another verse where she mentions the universe answered her prayer.


Is that how we should meet someone? I know it’s a song and she is using metaphors to flow with the music.

But think about how we met people either for dating potential or a relationship and even marriage.

Is it through friends or family?  Or is it through church or work?

Or should it be….Out of the Blue as the song suggests?

Also, she infers that now she has met her prince, Out of the Blue, everything will be alright.

Or will it?

What does it take for a first meeting (however it came about) into something deeper and lasting like real love?

See you for Part 2.


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