Wisdom of Marion Vol 1.3

by | Jul 21, 2010 | Wisdom From Kammbia Column | 4 comments

Mel Gibson goes on absolute tirade at his girlfriend saying some of the most hateful things that one human being could say to another human being.

Tiger Woods has committed adultery against his wife with numerous women.

Lindsay Lohan has to go to jail.

The Bachelorette (and Bachelor) are trying to find love and hopefully get married on television.

Kim Kardashian is known for an explicit tape, the size of her behind, and a reality tv show about her family.

Basketball Star Lebron James leaves the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat and announces his “decision” on a one hour tv special.

I’ve been thinking about fame and celebrity quite a bit this past week.  Unfortunately, in our celebrity obsessed culture you can’t escape it unless you become a hermit for the rest of your life.

First of all, I have an admission to write. There was a period in my life, in my 20’s, that I used to imagine about being rich and famous.  I thought If I acheived that kind of status life would be wonderful and I would never have to worry about anything.

Naive. Unrealistic. Unwise.

You bet.

Well, now that I’m nearing 40 and got some life experience behind me, I’m glad I didn’t get what I fantastized about in my 20’s.  I know now that I couldn’t have handle it. And I believe could have been going through some of the same things I wrote at the beginning of this blog post.

In fact, no human being is created to handle fame.  No human being is created to be worshipped, idolized, or adored. If the wisest man, King Solomon, couldn’t handle fame, I believe us common-folk would never stand a chance.

Moreover, Solomon wrote some interesting things about fame, celebrity, and riches in the Book of Ecclesiastes.

He loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves abundance with its income. This too is vanity. When good things increase those who consume them increase. So what is the advantage to their owners except to look on?  (Ecclesiastes 5:10-11 NASB)

A good name is better than a good ointment. And the day of one’s death is better than the day of one’s birth. (Ecclesiastes 7:1 NASB)

The words of the wise heard in quietness are better than the shouting of a ruler among fools. (Ecclesiastes 9:17 NASB)
Because of these verses, Ecclesiastes has become my favorite book in the Bible. This is most authentic book in the Bible, in my opinion. Solomon had everything a man could ever want (fame, wealth, and power) and still lost his way.

His words of wisdom need to be heeded in a culture that overlooks wisdom and values fame and celebrity as the most desired attribute a person should have.


  1. Shannon Lee

    I agree, fame and fortune is over rated. Becoming a parent and continuing to grow in my faith has taught me that it’s the simple things in life that are truly precious; one’s faith and family. Everything else out there is like the papparazzi…they just get in the way 🙂

  2. A.

    Well said! It is a sad state when celebrities are raised up in this country like they’re so great. Most of them are not moral, don’t contribute to the less fortunate, are self-serving or have a myriad of personal problems that are splashed all over the media. Why do we revere these people? The older I get the more I am saddened to see what people chase. Things like money, material things, power and fame are all dead things. True life comes from the Savior!

    • kammbia1

      Thanks Agnes! Our society has put them on a pedestal and made everyday people believe that is what we should aspire to in order to have a meaningful life. However, I realized that God gives us our meaning and if we stay focus on him….we will always be significant in his eyes.

  3. kammbia1

    Thanks Shannon! Fame is overrated. It has taken me awhile to come to that realization. I hope more people in our society will move away from the pursuit of fame to something more permanent like being a good mother or father, a good friend, a good employee or a person with integrity.


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