Wisdom of Marion Vol 1.22

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When tomorrow brings you down

Who will keep you amused

After the thrill has gone

When tomorrow brings you down

Who will guide you through the maze

When you’re blind to all reason


When tomorrow brings you down

From out of space to no place

Tell me what’cha gonna do


When tomorrow brings you down

Who won’t turn and walk away

Who will see you through the day


All of the things we’ll never say

All of the things we’ll never do

If my baby, can’t let it go

All the places we’ll never go


All the things we’ll never know

If my baby, won’t let it go

When tomorrow brings you down

How you’re gonna turn the tide

Creeping into your soul


When tomorrow brings you down

And the passing of time

Doesn’t bring a better understanding

I wanted to start today’s column with these lyrics by one of my favorite musical groups, Incognito. They are a jazz-funk band from England and I believe this song titled, When Tomorrow Brings You Down, fits perfectly for this post.

How can tomorrow bring you down before you’ve had a chance to live it?

We have high unemployment, many people that have lost their homes, gridlock in our government, people that are overweight, the divorce rate is still too high, single unwed mothers is an epidemic, earthquakes and tsnaumis destroying an entire country, and some prominent pastors along with other religious people are predicting the end of world.  And I could go on and on.

Should I worry about all of these things in the world?  What should I do?

I thought about this verse by Jesus before I wrote this entry:

Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself.   {Matthew 6:34 ESV}

I believe there is no truer words spoken for our current time. Tomorrow will always have its own troubles, so there’s no need to worry about tomorrow before it arrives.

Jesus had begun his ministry and this section from Matthew 6 is a continuation of his Sermon on the Mount message from Matthew 5. And this section in particular is where he talks about not being anxious with life.

Life is more important than anything and being anxious about the future will not add any extra time no matter how long you live for. Jesus said to seek His kingdom and righteousness and everything you need for this life will be added to you.

As someone who had recently lost his job (and now rehired as of this week) can truly write if you focus on what you have lost or don’t have anymore it can begin to drive you nuts and make you anxious about tomorrow.

But as Christians we must let Jesus into every area of our lives.  Not just our church life or work life or families or marriages….but into every area including the places we have hidden from everyone else.

Once we give Him our fears, worries, and issues ( as well as our hopes and desires) then tomorrow doesn’t become something to be anxious about.  And peace will begin to reside in our lives.

But that’s hard for us. We must have control in a world that’s uncontrollable and until we give up that control tomorrow will always brings us down.


  1. Karin Brown

    I love it.

  2. Rachel

    Congrats on the new job! Very nice blog.

    • kammbia1

      Thanks Patricia!

      Yes we are living in some crazy times…right now.


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