Wisdom of Marion Vol 1.19

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“A good name is better than a good ointment.”

(Ecclesiastes 7:1 NASB)

We must have a good name. It is easy to make a name for yourself, but the important thing is what kind of name are you making.

The key to having a good name is character.  Character takes a lifetime to build. God expects to have Christ-like character.

Our culture and society are more concern with image and celebrity instead of character and reputation.  Make me a star, make me famous, make me rich….is the motto these days.  We’re even taking a supposedly “slice of real life” and turning everyday people into TV stars.

Remember God is more concerned about your character than your comfort.

Here are 6 qualities to developing character:

1) Spiritually: When you genuinely love and follow Christ, believers and unbelievers will respect you.

2) Integrity: You must do what is right at all times.

3) Generosity: People will remember and honor you for what you give than what you receive.

4) Humility: If you’re not humble you will stumble.

5) Dependable: People admire people who are dependable.

6) Living by Priorities: It is more important to make a life than making a living.

If you keep these 6 qualities in mind and work on them…you will be on the road to developing character and becoming more Christ-like.  Which as followers of Christ…..we all want?  Right!


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