Wisdom of Kammbia 3.10: For Those Who Are Angry At God After Yesterday’s Tragedy

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There are many people who are angry with God today.  Both believers and non-believers are angry with the Lord because of what happened yesterday in Connecticut. The atheists, agnostics, and other non-believers are saying, “How could we believe in the God of the Bible that would allow twenty innocent children to be killed like that. If this God is so good, He should never allowed something like that to happen.”

Well, let me write that I don’t have a high-falutin’ theological answer or a common “Christanese” phrase to persuade or convince you after a disaster like this. However, as a believer I have realized that we must turn towards Him even more and to pray asking that He give those grieving parents comfort and strength through this horror they are dealing with right now.



Crazy….to some I guess

What atheists, agnostics, other non-believers, and even many Christians miss or overlook is that God doesn’t spare us from witnessing or dealing with tragedy at some point in our lives.  I have always said that the Bible we read and study is not a G-rated book.

The capacity of human beings to do the unspeakable comes back to dealing with our sinful nature. Uh-oh….I just wrote the “s-word” that nobody uses in our culture anymore.  The word “sin” is antiquated or outdated and only used by those old-time firebrand preachers that believe God is angry at humankind all the time.  Shucks, our current preachers even avoid that “s-word.”

Nevertheless, if we keep avoiding the ugliness that humanity can show often or our sinful nature, we will keep running to our “Lets get rid of all the guns corner” or “The government is not going to take all my guns. I have a right to bear arms corner.” or “He just snapped corner and his bad childhood made him do it corner.”  or ” He was influenced by comic books, violent movies and video games corner.”  Then we will always want to diagnose the symptom from a societal standpoint but never cure the disease from a moral and human nature standpoint after such a catastrophe.

In closing, God knows that there are many people who are angry with Him or curse His name and will refuse to have anything to do with Him. But, He will keep holding up a mirror to show ourselves in all our warts, blemishes, and ugly spots to reflect back on why we need Him more than ever in the hope that you will choose Him to lean on, to draw on, and to ask for his strength especially after a tragedy like this.


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