Wisdom From Kammbia Book Review 43: Finding Om by Rashmi Bismark

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Book covers do matter!

I would have never gotten this book if it was not for the book cover I saw on Instagram a few days ago.  The cover of Finding Om by Rashmi Bismark and artwork by Morgan Huff got my attention.  I thought it would be a book that my 10 year old daughter would want to read.  This book has been targeted for a younger age (5 to 7) than my daughter’s age. I bought the book anyway.

Finding Om chronicles the story of Anu, a half Indian and half African girl who begins to explore mindfulness with her grandfather, Appuppa. He teaches Anu the concepts of mindfulness and how to quiet her mind to receive the spiritual blessings of the mantra Om.

Anu struggles with Om at first but as the story continues she learns to embrace the concept and gains concentration with her mind.  The story comes to a quick conclusion but my daughter learns something that has never heard about or learned in school within the pages of this book.

We enjoyed reading Finding Om together and recommend this picture book for the aforementioned ages. I’m glad that a book like this is being published and I hope for its success.

Also, I want to add that you can get $5 off of this book and other books in the Mango and Marigold Press catalog. Use this code: BBFIRST* on their website.


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