Wisdom From Kammbia Book Review 20: Recursion by Blake Crouch

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I rarely read the “Summer Blockbuster Read” or “the book everyone is reading now”. However, I have seen Recursion by Blake Crouch all over book social media (Goodreads, Litsy, and Instagram) and people giving it high praise. Well, I stopped reading the Long Price Quartet by Abraham (for now) and bought a copy of Recursion.

Recursion is the story of NYC cop Barry Sutton as he investigates the False Memory Syndrome phenomenon that has driven the victim’s memories of things that have never happened. However as Sutton learns more about FMS, it will take him deeper into the world that never-was but feels real as his actual everyday life.

Also, the story revolves around Helena Smith, a scientist who helped create a machine that makes FMS possible.  However, her creation falls into the wrong hands and causes devastating effects on the people whom explored those memories and the nations that want to create a new narrative on historical events that have already happened.

Crouch writes a solid page-turning thriller that questions the nature of memory, identity and our ability to control everything in our lives.  You will have to suspend disbelief quite a bit as the story races to its thrilling conclusion. However, I can see Recursion becoming an excellent television series on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime to explore the nature of memory and identity.

Recursion is not a novel that I would usually read.  But, I’m glad the book lived up the hype.  If you looking for a page-turning, thought-provoking novel, then you have found it with Recursion.  Recommended.




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