Wisdom From Kammbia Book Review 132: Cure For The Common Life by Max Lucado

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“God made one version of you. He custom designed you for a one-of-a-kind-assignment. Your life has a plot; your years have a theme. You can do something in a manner that no one else can.”

Max Lucado writes those words in the opening chapter of Cure for the Common Life. He explains God (from a Christian perspective) created every human being with their own set of talents and designed them for a divine assignment to be fulfilled during their life. I will admit that I have always believed each human life has a purpose beyond the humdrum of everyday living. Some people find their purpose early in life and can stay on that path throughout their lives.  Others (like me) have to go through ups and downs in order to find their purpose.  Unfortunately, there are some who never find their purpose and end up living life on society’s terms instead of God’s terms.

Cure for the Common Life unpacks how every person can find their sweet spot and flourish in it. Lucado provides his usual homespun stories and biblical references to augment his theme. I read this book when it was first published in 2005 and attended his home church of Oak Hills in San Antonio, Texas, where he preached about this topic in a sermon series. Reading this book nearing 20 years later, it continues to have a lasting impact on me. Regardless of belief, everyone can gain insight from the timeless principles.

I would encourage anyone that feels directionless in their life or doesn’t know what their purpose is to read Cure for the Common Life. Discovering our God-given uniqueness will guide us back onto the path designed specifically for us. Cure for the Common Life will make it onto my all-time favorite books list, and I will gladly advocate for it when the right chance arises.


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