Wisdom From Kammbia 3.9: Marion’s 2012-2013 NBA Season Predictions

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Well, here’s part 2 of my NBA preview. Since everyone likes to give predictions on what’s going to happen for the upcoming season. I have decided to give my own predictions.

MVP: Kevin Durant-Oklahoma City Thunder (it’s his turn to win the award this year. However, he and Lebron James will go back and forth sharing this award for the next several years.)

Rookie of the Year: Anthony Davis-New Orleans Hornets (I just watched him tonight against the San Antonio Spurs in their home opener. He is the real deal and it will be his award to lose.  Also, I like Damian Lillard of the Portland Trailblazers as a darkhorse selection.

6th Man of the Year: Jason Terry, Boston Celtics (I would have love to choose Manu Ginobili of the Spurs for this award. But, I believe Terry will be the main guy coming off the bench for Boston and make the fans forget about Ray Allen who left for Miami.)

Most Improved Player: George Hill, Indiana Pacers (I know this is a choice out of left field.  Hill has been a good, solid player for his short NBA career.  But now he is the point guard for the Pacers and will get a chance to show his full talents that I saw glimpses of when he was on the Spurs.  His improvement will help the Pacers battle with Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics for the 2nd or 3rd seed in the East.)

Coach of the Year: Avery Johnson, Brooklyn Nets (This was my toughest prediction because there will be a lot of worthy candidates: Doug Collins, 76ers; Frank Vogel, Pacers; Rick Adelman, Timberwolves; and one or two more coaches that could be added to this list.  However, I feel Avery Johnson will help turn around the Brooklyn Nets and get the 2nd seed in the Eastern Conference this year. That alone will give him this award.)

Playoff Teams

Western Conference:      

1) Oklahoma City Thunder (62-20)

2) Los Angeles Lakers (58-24)

3) San Antonio Spurs (54-28)

4) Denver Nuggets (51-31)

5) Los Angeles Clippers (49-33)

6) Memphis Grizzlies (48-34)

7) Dallas Mavericks (46-36)

8) Utah Jazz (43-39)

Eastern Conference:

1) Miami Heat (59-23)

2) Brooklyn Nets (54-28)

3) Boston Celtics (53-29)

4) Indiana Pacers (52-30)

5) Philadelphia 76ers (48-34)

6) New York Knicks (46-36)

7) Chicago Bulls (45-37)

8) Milwaukee Bucks (42-40)

Western Conference Champion: San Antonio Spurs over Oklahoma City Thunder in 6 games

Eastern Conference Champion: Miami Heat over Brooklyn Nets in 6 games

NBA Champion: San Antonio Spurs over Miami Heat in 6 games

Yes, I’m going with a homer pick.  However, I believe the Spurs will make amends for what happened last season in the Western Conference Finals and the original Big Three (Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili) will get their last title together as a trio.

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