The Way of Edan by Phillip Chase

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Booktube has been around for some time and it has become a place where book lovers have gathered to watch videos about books.  I have ventured into the Booktube world over the past couple of months and one of my favorite BookTubers is Professor and Author Philip Chase.  I know him on Booktube as Dear Dr. Fantasy where he provides his perspective on the fantasy genre from his academic background.

I appreciate his love for the genre and measured tone in discussing his favorite fantasy novels.  Well, he has written his own trilogy starting with The Way of Edan released back in March. The Way of Edan has received many favorable reviews, and it is being discussed on Booktube frequently. They describe the novel as a blend of modern and classical fantasy that should please fans of Tolkien, Martin, and Sanderson.

The second book of the trilogy, The Prophet of Edan, will be released on June 21st.  Philip is offering the eBook version of The Way of Edan free on Amazon this week until the 16th to coincide with the release of The Prophet of Edan.  Epic fantasy readers looking for something new to read in the subgenre should check out The Way of Edan.

I have gotten my copy of The Way of Edan and I’m looking forward to reading the novel. I will close this blog post with one of the BookTube Interviews about the novel that I enjoyed the most.


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