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Happy Birthday Miles Davis!

Today would have been Miles Davis’ 96th birthday.

I’ve been listening to his music over the past couple of days.  Considering the week that we’ve had as a country and on a personal level, Davis’ music has become a balm.

Songs like the classic So What & Freddie Freeloader from the landmark Kind of Blue album (still the best selling jazz album of time). Songs like Iris & Mood from the E.S.P. album.  Or songs like Tutu and Portia from the Tutu album.  Miles’ music catalog is vast and I could go on for awhile about all the songs I have listened too recently.

Miles Davis was one of the greats and his trumpet sound is distinct, unique, & unforgettable for music lovers.  Here is my favorite Miles tune, All Blues from the Kind of Blue album.  This song express a joy that is much needed.  Happy Birthday Miles and Rest In Love!