Marion’s Favorites: Books & Travel Podcast


I have become a huge fan of podcasts.  I enjoy the format of listening to a long form conversation about a certain subject.  Podcasting has created an entirely new way of communication and getting information.  I have my favorite podcasts and the Books & Travel Podcast hosted by author and entrepreneur Joanna Penn makes that list.

Joanna goes in depth with a writer about their travels in a particular location and has them recommend books pertinent to the place they are discussing on the podcast.  The Books and Travel Podcast is a great way for escape and inspiration without having to leave your home.

My favorite podcast episodes are travels from Granada and Cordoba in Spain with historical mystery author David Penny, Venice with Historical Fiction author Laura Morelli, and Berlin with author Rebecca Cantrell. I have learned a lot from these episodes about places I have not visited, and it has made me eager to find out more.

If you love books and travel, then I recommend The Books and Travel Podcast.  Escape and Education are easily accessible these days and this podcast can provide a getaway to stir your imagination and learn something about a place that you might have never thought to visit.



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  1. So cool. I have a thing for True Crime Podcasts: loved Confront OJ, Missing Maura Murray and The Missing, but I also love Ear Hustle, Today Explained and the Daily. Bookriot too. Do you listen to any others?

    • Hello Melissa,

      Thanks for commenting. I’m a big podcast listener. I listen to Bookriot as well. Mostly I listen to book, travel, and food podcasts. Here are some of my favorites. Overdue and Modern Mrs. Darcy are excellent book podcasts. Rick Steves and Amateur Traveler are excellent travel podcasts. The Dave Chang Podcast on is an excellent food podcast. Those are some of my favorite podcasts.

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