Marion’s Favorites: Becker Vineyards 2018 Claret

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It’s been awhile since I wrote a favorite wine post.  Well, over the past few months I have added Becker Vineyards 2018 Claret to my regular wine rotation.  I rarely drink blended wines, but this Claret has elbowed its way into my wine drinking.  I took a chance on this one because I enjoyed Becker Vineyards Malbec previously.  Two for Two, Becker Vineyards!

Claret is an unofficial term used in Great Britain regarding red Bordeaux wine. The Bordeaux red wines are blended, mostly based on Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The term “claret” is sometimes used to refer to Bordeaux-style red wines produced elsewhere, such as the United States.

This wine pairs with grilled beef and roasted lamb for meat.  A well-cooked burger is a solid pairing with Claret. For pasta lovers, try Stroganoff or Carbonara. For Vegetarians, try roasted Portabello mushrooms topped by grated Parmesan. Also, try a wild-mushroom cream sauce sautéed with onions and garlic and a touch of butter over pasta with some Claret.  Or you can drink this Claret by itself at dinner while listening to some good music in the background.

This is a Cabernet-based claret with almost 30 percent, nearly 25 percent of Malbec and 20 percent of Merlot.  Those are my favorite red wines and the mixture works well for this Claret.  It has a sweet taste and a smooth finish.  The Becker Vineyards 2018 Claret sells for $13 in my local grocery store here in San Antonio. I believe the price point maxes out at $15 for everywhere else.  I’m glad that Texas is producing some excellent wine and happy to support all good things coming from the Lone Star State!


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