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by | Aug 30, 2010 | Music Reviews | 2 comments

There has been no one like Sade on the pop music scene in the last 25 years.

With hits like Smooth Operator, Your Love is King, The Sweetest Taboo, Love is Stronger than Pride, Paradise, No Ordinary Love, Cherish the Day,  By Your Side, and her most recent hit, Solider of Love, Sade has blazed her own trail in modern music.

I will write I’m one of her biggest fans.  I know there are some of you that will dispute my claim.  I’m okay with that. But, she has been my favorite female singer hands down.

Unlike most pop stars, Sade has only released 6 recorded CDs in 26 years on the music scene. The music industry usually wants their stars to put out a CD every year or two because they think the audience would forget about them and go on to the next pop sensation.

However, Sade has managed to have a large and devoted audience for all these years despite her relative low output. For example, her latest CD, Soldier of Love, released earlier this year made it the first for her in ten years.

What pop star could wait released to a new CD ten years after their previous one?  I could probably count on one hand on how many artists could get away with doing that.

Okay, I some of you reading are asking why I do I like her so much?

Sade’s music has this laid-back, jazzy appeal that makes her easy to listen to.  Her voice, while not a big voice like Mary J. Blige or Mariah Carey or Patti LaBelle, is distinctive and unique and fits the music.  When you listen to her, you know it’s Sade and it’s original.

Also, she sings about love with such depth and heartache that I actually feel for her.

In Heaven’s name

why are you walking away

Hang on to your love

In Heaven’s name

why are you playing games

Hang on to your love

Take time

If you are down on love

It’s so easy to walk out on love

Take your time

If the going gets gets tough

Its so precious

So if you want it to get stronger

You better not let go

You go to hold on longer

If you want your love to grow

You got to stick together like hand and glove

Hold tight

Don’t fight

Hang on to your Love

That was from Hang On To Your Love (my favorite Sade song) on the Promise CD and Sade sings this with such earnestness and heartfelt emotion unlike anybody else in pop music.

I may be showing my age in this review…however I believe Sade’s music is timeless and we will still be writing or talking about her music 25 years from now.


  1. lonnie

    yea I believe she is in a class of her own, especially with the live band she has been playing with over the decades. I hope to see that she’ll be honored for continuance of good and soulful music through the years.

    • kammbia1

      Thanks for the comment, Lonnie. She is definitely in a class of her own.


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