Book Review 84: They Shall See God by Athol Dickson

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I had mentioned in a previous review of an Athol Dickson novel that he was becoming one of my favorite writers.  Dickson’s ability to write suspenseful Christian fiction with literary quality merits wider recognition outside of the genre.

They Shall See God tells the story of two women, Ruth Gold and Kate Flint, who were best friends as kids growing up in New Orleans.  They witnessed as children a murder to a high-profile Christian woman in their community. The fallout of that murder trial ruined their friendship.  However, the man convicted for that murder has been released from jail after serving his sentence. His return to the community has reunited both women as a new threat to them emerges.

Meanwhile, Ruth Gold has become a rabbi of a local temple and Kate Flint a small business owner and mother of two.  The differences based on their faiths, Ruth as Jewish and Kate as a Christian, creates more conflict as they try to rekindle their friendship.

Dickson creates the right of suspense and tension to keep the pages turning and does an excellent job with the characterization of both women.  Also, he gives great insight into a schism with interfaith relations that ranged true to this reader. As the story closes, Dickson reveals a bigger message that both women had to learn by going through their ordeal.

They Shall See God is a solid, thought-provoking novel about female friendship, interfaith relations, and the power of love overcoming all obstacles.  Dickson has written another winner and I will continue to promote that he deserves to be read by a wider audience outside of the Christian fiction genre.  It is one of my favorite reads of 2016 and highly recommended.


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