Book Review 134: Meji Book Two by Milton Davis

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Last year, I read the first book of a duology about twin brothers, Ndoro and Obaseki. They were separated at birth and that book delved into their past revealing what made each brother special amongst the people of Sesu, an African-inspired kingdom on the continent of Uhuru.

Meji Book Two by Milton Davis goes deeper into the brothers’s lives and shows how each brother became a prominent member of their respective societies. Ndoro becomes a great warrior and has a dream of conquering the Sesu people as revenge for being banished as a child. Obaseki becomes a mystic and one who can communicate with the spirits. His ability exceeds the other mystic men of the society and a healer of the highest order.  However, the brothers sensed their destinies have not been fulfilled in their respective roles and a reunion with each other is inevitable.

Davis does a solid job with the plot showing each brother’s path until they finally meet one another. On the surface, it seemed a happy reunion was out of the question.  However, each brother learns their connection to one another goes far deeper than they expected.

Meji Book Two is an excellent entry from the “Sword & Soul” subgenre of epic fantasy inspired by African culture. I recommended reading Meji Book One before this one to get the full picture of the brothers’ journey to their destiny. Epic Fantasy readers should add this duology to their TBR list.



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