Book Release Day for Marion’s 25 Volume II

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Happy Book Release Day for Marion’s 25 Volume II!

Marion’s 25 Volume II is my second volume of my Marion’s 25 Book Review Anthology Series.  I have been a book review blogger on my website since 2011 and decided to put together a series of books showcasing twenty-five books at a time that I have reviewed.  The Marion’s 25 Series is my gift to reading and what it has done for me in my life.  Reading is subjective and as readers we bring our experiences to every book we read.  However, I do believe in the connection between the author and reader and how the power of story can take us somewhere we have never been before or makes you view a subject or topic from a different perspective or just enjoy being told a good story.

Marion’s 25 Volume II expands on the first volume and showcases a variety of reading across a broad spectrum.  This review sums up what I’m attempting to do with this book review anthology series:

Reading is one of the finest pleasures for many of us, though there are greater excited passions and hobbies of human race since its dawn, but it seems like that nothing beats reading books, where one gets the life-time opportunities to meet new people, see different landscapes, and feel a gamut of fresh beliefs and customs. Reading is a complete package.

For sure, reading books sets a chord of connection between readers, authors, and the book itself.   It’s a different feeling to experience a book. However, the talk of the town is how to choose from the vast range of books. Nowadays, since the advent of digital publishing, the number of books published every year has been drastically shot up. There are new books, new bestsellers, old classics–the medley becomes even tougher when one, as a reader, finds hard to shuttle between various genres.

Marion Hill plans to release the second volume of Marion’s 25. Like in his first volume, he spoke about many novels from various genres and diligently guided as how to choose a book to read regardless of any literary taste. This time too, now with an experience of reviewing over 200 books, he is back with much powerful version of himself and his wisdom.

It means reading Marion’s both volumes together is going to be no less than a funfair treat. Indeed a person can tell you to read books, but only experts like Marion can hold your hand and show you the right book even at midnight.

In the second volume of Marion’s 25, one will find dystopian science fiction works, like Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, classic novels, like Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck’s The Pearl, as well as works by popular contemporary authors, like The Cuckoo’s Calling, by Robert Galbraith (the alter ego of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling) and Stephen King’s shivery horror novel, Bag of Bones.

This time he also seemed like involved non-fiction books like Cal Newport’s Deep Work, and much more. It is going to be much more fun now fiction plus non-fiction.

The language of both the books is lucid. The author really has a good taste in picking and suggesting books to his readers. I have got my next book to read.”  (Deepak Singhal—-Goodreads Reviewer)

If you are looking for something to new to read or want to get a different perspective from a book that you already read, then I believe Marion’s 25 Volume II is the right book for you.  And don’t forget Marion’s 25 Volume I!


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