All the Seas of the World Cover by Guy Gavriel Kay

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One of my favorite novelists, @guygavrielkay posted on social media recently a cover release for his latest novel, All The Seas Of The World coming in May 2022. Kay’s brand of historical fantasy is thoughtful, intelligent, and unique to fantasy literature.

All The Seas of the World is set the same near Italian Renaissance of Children of Earth & Sky (my favorite Kay novel) and A Brightness Long Ago (a solid one). However, he writes a standalone novels set in a shared world that this reader truly enjoys.

If you have never read Kay’s work, this one can be an introduction or the other two aforementioned novels. Tigana is considered his magnum opus. Also, Ysabel (his contemporary novel set in Provence) and the 2 book Saratine Mosaic series (Sailing to Sarantium & Lord of Emperors) are good books to start with too.

Nice cover and looking forward to reading this one!



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