Marion’s Favorites: Santa Fe, New Mexico

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I’m writing about one of my favorite places – Santa Fe, New Mexico. Known for its strong creative community, this beautiful, unique city drew me to it in 1994, when I was not quite 23 years old. I was living in Atlanta, Georgia, at the time. Desperate for a new experience, I sold all my possessions and moved across the country with only a few hundred dollars in my pocket.

My new home in downtown Santa Fe was located close to the Cross of the Martyrs (see below), a well-known landmark built on a hill. The walk up to the monument is lined with plaques telling the history of the city, and when you reach the top you are rewarded with beautiful views of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. I made frequent visits here during my five years living in Santa Fe, as well as indulging my love of art – the galleries on Canyon Road are filled with fascinating Native American and Hispanic artworks native to the city.

Above all, I credit Santa Fe with kickstarting my writing career. I got my first introduction to the world of books and publishing through my jobs at a couple of mom and pop bookstores in the city. This turned into a lifelong fascination, and without my experience in Santa Fe, I don’t believe I could ever have created the world of Kammbia.

Santa Fe is a city I always recommend to travelers – have you ever visited? Let me know in the comments.


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