Book Review 87: Breeder by K.B. Hoyle

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How would you feel when everything that you have been taught could be a lie?

That question starts to get answered in Breeder, Book 1 of the Breeder Cycle, by K.B. Hoyle. Seventeen lives a perfect life as a breeder in the Sanctuary that is ruled by the New World Order.  However, Seventeen’s life changes when a mysterious stranger named Pax removes her from the Sanctuary. Seventeen begins to learn from Pax about the outside world and is forced to question everything that she has been taught.

Seventeen will learn that finding out the truth comes with a price and uncovering it will place her in a position that she could have never imagined.

Breeder is a fast-paced, solidly written dystopian novel with excellent characters and thought-provoking ideas that kept me reading until the end.  I would highly recommend this novel to readers of the Hunger Games and other popular dystopian novels.

I’m looking forward to continuing Seventeen’s journey towards the truth in Criminal, Book 2 of the Breeder Cycle and readers of Breeder I believe will feel the same.


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