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Cassandra’s Revelation A Kammbia Short Story

Want to escape to a world where magic still happens? Where courage is the measure of a man—or a woman?

That world is Kammbia. Filled with high adventure and heroes galore, it’s waiting for you to explore.

“Cassandra’s Revelation,” about a chance meeting between Cassandra Applebaum, a sultry-voiced singer who hadn’t sung in years, and an old friend—one who saw Diondray stop a rainstorm.

Inspired by a friend’s account, Cassandra penned a new song, “The One Who Made the Rain Go Away.” After a few days, she received a call from a nightclub owner. Reluctant to test her pipes after years away from the stage, she slept on his offer. During the night, she dreamed that she would meet the young man who inspired her song if she would accept the club owner’s offer.

Will she return to the stage? Will she meet this mysterious young man? Find out when you read “Cassandra’s Revelation.”

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